Hi, I'm Stephen.

Let's build something together.

I'm a front-end developer and media arts generalist based in Durham, NC. I specialize in front-end systems and user interaction. I'm currently available for freelance work – if you have an interesting project, please get in touch!

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Work samples

TCU Rees-Jones Hall Interactive My role: front-end and back-end developer

As a part of the "Academy of Tomorrow" initiative, this interactive wall allows students to explore and respond to topics relating to natural resources, environmental impact, and sustainability. The app supports multiple simultaneous users with a fluid, physics-driven interface.

NCSU Walk of Fame and History My role: front-end, back-end, game developer

NC State University commissioned 5 multimedia interactives to honor their atheltic history as part of the newly-renovated Reynolds Coliseum. The main interactive is an 8-screen display which supports multiple users, video playback, social media integration, and 4 simultaneous mini-games.

Duke Energy History Exhibit My role: front-end and back-end developer

Duke Energy has a rich history involving many companies. They needed an interactive to showcase a timeline of their heritage, and to engage employees with their legacy. The final installation allows multiple users to explore a timeline spanning over a decade.

Side projects


I create an image from start to finish each day and post it to Instagram. This exercise helps me hone my creative toolset, and keeps me sharp while challenging me to stretch my creative imagination each day.


A simple tool for exploring color theory, inspired by the experiments and teachings of Josef Albers and Dick Nelson.


I ported the card game Donsol to computer terminal, using Python and the Blessed library. Read the Donsol players' guide.

Brew tools

I created these brew-tools to aid my homebrewing. Currently it consists of a simple ABV calculator, but I wish to expand it to include recipe guides and other handy brewing information, all in one place.

About me

I graduated from NCSU College of Design in 2014, earning a Bachelor of Art + Design. I like working on interesting projects with small, closely-knit teams. When I'm not coding or drawing, I love to ride bikes, juggle, and brew beer.