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Each work is a combination of hand and machine-drawn elements. Patterns and designs are generated from custom software and reproduced with a pen plotter. Each work is unique, and I will never sell prints of any work appearing on this site, unless explicitly noted. Everything is made on high-quality, acid-free paper. You can read more about my process here.



12"x12" Original
12"x12" Original
12"x15" Original
12"x12" Original


I take commissions for small or large works. Prices vary depending on materials.


Work begins by creating a lot of 'raw material' such as drawings from the pen plotter, found images, and painted or dyed papers. I then compose each work and begin to collage, sometimes working loosely and sometimes creating dense arrays and grids of parts. The plotter I use is the Makeblock XY. It has a decently-sized drawing area, but requires some assembly.


I view my process as an excavation rather than creation. Working with computer tools and writing procedures to create patterns reveals a method of creating that places discovery over inspiration. Possibilities exist underneath the parameters, even if we don't observe them. What I wish to communicate is the balance between recognition and obfuscation. In other words, I wish to share my explorations of the hidden patterns that emerge when we examine phenomena in the world, whether they are concrete and physical, like structures found in plant and rock, or abstract and behavioral, like those we observe in animal societies.

all images and words copyright Stephen Lindberg 2017++