Stephen Lindberg

Hi, you’ve reached my personal website. I’m continually adding new pages. Please stay and explore! You can see what I’m up to currently on my now page.


I keep a blog covering a broad set of topics. One of my goals for 2020 is to publish (at least) one post each month. These are some of my recent posts:

You can also find my more technical and consulting related writing over at the thoughtbot blog, where I prefer to write about CSS and teamwork.

Reading list

I keep a running reading list and I hope to write more short reviews and recommendations for books that really captured my curiosity. I find that I read more to satisfy my curiosity than to find out what happens next in a story. However, I do love murder mysteries.

About me

My name is Stephen and my favorite pastime is drawing. I like to discuss speculative science fiction novels and watch TV with my two cats.

This is one of them, Cassiopeia:

My cat Cassiopeia. She’s camera-shy.

Other miscellany