Stephen Lindberg

Product Designer @ Iterable

I read The Left Hand of Darkness on June 24, 2020

Ursula K. Le Guin
Ace Books

This was a fascinating world to get sucked into. This book sparked a conversation with my partner about how I tend to resist rating books. It’s hard for me to give a star rating, because I recognize that after time and multiple readings, that rating is likely to change. Typically when I finish a book I am focused on the things I enjoyed most. Let me instead give this book “two thumbs up” because of how swept away I was in the world.

The expedition in this book was partially informed by Antarctic exploration diaries (according to the afterword), which makes me reflect on it in a different light. There are so many minor details here that make the world seem to exists beyond the covers of the book. I would like to read this again in a few years and see how I feel about it then.