January 9, 2020

Here is a collection of things I have learned to value.

Actively listen

I think it’s valuable to actively suppress the urge to contribute during conversation. My experience has been that I often have much more meaningful conversations by asking a good question and refraining from excessive talking.


A simple solution is always preferable to a bloated one. I deliberately choose not to use the word “complex” as an antonym for simple, because problems each have their own necessary amount of complexity. The simple solution is the shortest path to solve the problem. Always prefer complexity which empowers.

Prefer the right team to the right project

I prefer a team that I really get along with – a team that I am excited to work with and learn from. I find that when I remember past projects, I tend to remember working with a team, and not the code I wrote or the impact it had. Making connections with other people also has a higher return on future work (through a strong personal network, referrals, etc) than a portfolio of impressive work.